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Matcha tea is a popular alternative to breakfast that is popular with millennials.

But a new study suggests that it could also help keep your metabolism in check.

The findings were presented at the Society for Nutrition 2016 conference in Los Angeles, California, on Thursday.

The study was led by Dr. Michael Siegel, an associate professor at the University of California, Davis School of Medicine.

He and his colleagues were looking at the effects of matcha tea on a healthy adult.

They wanted to know if the drink could help keep metabolic activity in check when it comes to the body.

Dr. Siegel told ABC News that the results showed that matcha could help.

“The most obvious thing we saw in the study was that matchas can help reduce the insulin resistance that we see with obesity,” he said.

“And in this particular study, they actually showed that it also lowered blood pressure, which is another indication that it may help prevent heart attacks.”

The researchers tested participants’ blood pressure at three different points: when they were drinking matcha, after they had breakfast and before they went to bed.

The researchers also looked at how much they consumed at three other points: after their first workout, when they had a glass of water, and after they woke up the next morning.

While it’s not known if this effect would last beyond the morning, the study showed that the amount of glucose that was in the bloodstream before the study began was significantly lower after the matcha drink.

Dr. Michael told ABC that he believes the effect is due to the high amount of carbohydrate present in matcha.

That’s right, he says, “the matcha has the carbs in it that are the reason you get the elevated blood glucose that you do.”

When the study participants were drinking the matchas, they didn’t seem to have any noticeable change in their blood sugar levels, but when they switched to a water drink after the exercise, their blood glucose levels went up.

The study also found that the more calories the participants consumed before bed, the more insulin resistance they had. 

“We found that those with the highest amount of sugars consumed before sleep were also the ones with the greatest insulin resistance,” Dr. Sago said.

If you’re trying to keep your metabolic rate in check, he said, eating a healthy breakfast is one way to do it.

Dr Sago told ABC Health that he doesn’t think people should skip their morning workout.

“If you don’t eat breakfast, then it’s going to be difficult to maintain your metabolic health.

You’re going to have a lot of extra carbs and sugar in your body, so that’s going, well, it’s gonna be difficult,” he explained.”

But if you eat breakfast and you’re not sedentary, you’ll be able to maintain a good metabolic profile and you’ll get the benefits of a good breakfast.”ABC News’ Liz Carroll contributed to this report.

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