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Here are some of the tattoos we love.

Read more from National Geographic magazine:1.

Nasty sister tattoo—it’s a tribute to an ancient Greek warrior who died fighting a horde of monsters.2.

The red and yellow color combo is a homage to the Red Star over New Orleans, the country’s most famous landmark.3.

The gold and silver combination is a tribute the Statue of Liberty, one of the most famous structures in the world.4.

The white-and-black-and red-and blue combo is inspired by the red and white stripes used in the flag of the U.S. military.5.

The green and gold combination is inspired to honor the flag used by the American military in World War II.6.

The black-and gold combination combines the colors of the stripes on the flag to reflect the color of the Earth, representing the color red.7.

The combination of red and green is a nod to the color yellow.8.

The dark blue and light blue combination is the most recent addition to the series, a nod that the two colors have the same name.9.

The purple-and yellow combination is for a friend.10.

The blue-and white combination is an homage to a famous Disney film, and the original “Alice in Wonderland” film, inspired by “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.”11.

The orange-and black combination is more of a nod toward the iconic black and orange logo from the Disney film.12.

The navy-and green combination is reminiscent of the flag worn by the United States Navy in World Wars I and II, the military arm of the government.13.

The brown-and brown-yellow combination is very much a nod at the U-2 spy plane.14.

The pink-and navy-green combination is similar to the colors worn by former U. S. President Barack Obama, who was the first black president.15.

The royal blue- and navy-blue combination is both inspired by a British naval symbol.16.

The gray-and orange combination is all about the color green.17.

The yellow-and dark blue combination comes from the U of M’s school colors.18.

The turquoise-and turquay combination is based on the color turquoises.19.

The neon green-and magenta combination is another nod to NASA, which also made its logo the same color.20.

The bright blue-black and black-orange combination is just as colorful.21.

The silver-and teal-and gray-blue combo is also a nod back to the original movie.22.

The light blue-purple combination is what’s known as a blue-red-white-andblue combination.23.

The bold green-black combination is one of our favorite tattoos of all time.24.

The cool blue-green-and pink-green combo is the color most associated with our favorite television shows, including “Lost,” “Arrested Development,” and “The Simpsons.”25.

The magenta-blue-black combo is an eye-catching combination of two colors, a reference to the character’s signature color, a cool green-white.26.

The tan-orange-red combination is called the “pink-orange” combination because it comes from a movie where the hero was a tan-colored man.27.

The lime-and copper-black combined is an attempt at creating a combination of colors, which has become popular with collectors.28.

The aqua-green and magenta combo is very similar to an iconic TV series.29.

The violet-blue and gold-and lime combination is also one of National Geographic’s favorites.30.

The rainbow-and violet-black color combo comes from “The Muppet Show,” a show that features the color purple.31.

The teal, purple, and white combination combines to create a bold color.32.

The deep blue-orange combo comes directly from the iconic “Star Wars” film.33.

The copper-gold combination is pretty cool, and it’s based on a design from the classic “Star Trek” series.34.

The lavender-orange and orange combo is one we think will be popular with our daughters.35.

The bronze-red, gold, and blue-gray combo is based off of a Disney cartoon character.36.

The reddish-white and blue combo comes straight from a comic book character.37.

The cyan-red combo is another one we like.38.

The mauve-black/red-orange, gold-black, and gray combo is reminiscent, as well as inspired, by the iconic colors of Disney movies.39.

The golden-yellow-blue, black-black (black), and green-red (green) combo is what we love about tattoos.40.

The grey-black is the new cool blue.

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