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The anime-loving community is in for a treat this week, with the official matching icons set to release.

Each anime icon will feature its own color and have its own matching icon for its corresponding character.

The first match was revealed in February and includes the two best anime characters in the franchise, Rinne and Saber.

Now the icons have been released to the public for all to enjoy, as well as their unique matching color and style.

The icons include the following characters: Rinne: red, orange, white, blue, blue green, white green, pink, white pink, red, yellow, blue yellow, red white, orange orange, red pink, yellow green, green green green, orange green, blue pink, green red, white white, pink white, yellow red, blue blue, white blue, orange yellow, orange red, red blue, yellow white, green, red red, pink orange, blue red, green orange, pink green, yellow blue, red orange, green yellow, pink pink, orange blue, pink red, brown, orange white, red yellow, yellow purple, white brown, pink purple, orange purple, yellow yellow, purple purple, green purple, pink yellow, green black, white black, pink black, orange black, red black, blue black, purple black, yellow black, green blue, black green, black black, brown black, black red, black white, black pink, black brown, black yellow, black blue, green white, white yellow, white red, purple brown, white purple, red brown, yellow pink, pink brown, blue brown, purple white, brown white, purple green, brown brown, red purple, blue purple, brown purple, black orange, black purple, purple orange, purple blue, purple red, gold gold, black, gold purple, gold red, aqua aqua, aquamarine, aquamarite, yellow gold, red aqua source Reddit article Each match has a different icon for the character and its special abilities.

The two most powerful matching icons are Rinne’s “Echo of Time” and Saber’s “Bewitching Eyes.”

The two other characters in this set are Saber’s brother Riku and his father, who appear in the anime series Fate/stay night.

Riku’s icon has a blue heart in the center of the circle, while Saber’s icon is red and white.

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