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Engadgets article Fitbit Fitbit announced a new fitness tracker called the Fitbit Surge, a sleek, smart, and functional version of its popular smartwatch, the Fit.

The Surge comes with its own fitness tracker and a bunch of cool accessories like a wrist strap, a heart rate monitor, and a watch face.

But it has a number of other new features, too.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new Fitbit.


The Fitbit doesn’t include a watch band.

The watch band is a standard feature of most fitness trackers, but Fitbit says it’s “designed to make wearing the watchband a breeze.”

The company says that its Surge will include an NFC-enabled wrist strap to connect to the Fitband’s built-in watchband, and that it can also track steps and heart rate.

The company doesn’t say when Fitbit will make a wrist band, but it says the company is working on a “later this year” announcement.

The Verge reported in April that Fitbit is working with Samsung on the strap.


The new Fit tracker has a battery life of about 15 hours.

Fitbit claims the Surge can last for 15 hours on a single charge.

This is a big improvement over the current Fitbit Flex.

That Fitbit’s Flex has a 14-hour battery life, but that’s not the same as the current 15-hour range of the Surge.


The design of the new device is similar to the Flex.

The straps on the Fit and Surge look like regular watches with the straps in the shape of a heart, but they’re not curved like traditional watches.

Instead, they’re flat, and the sides of the straps are angled in a similar fashion to the watch bands on a watch.

The strap on the Surge has the curved sides.

Fitbits’ Surge has a heart-shaped band that you can adjust for different wrist sizes.


The surge comes with a fitness app.

The fitness tracker is compatible with both Fitbit apps and the new Polar app.

You’ll be able to do a lot of things like track your steps, sleep, and track your heart rate, and Fitbit makes it easy to access all of these information.

The device also includes a fitness tracker with a variety of sensors that track your health and fitness.

The health and activity tracker is a great addition to the new Surge, as it provides a more detailed view of your daily activity and also provides a good way to see your steps.

The app is compatible to all the Fitbits currently available for purchase.


The band on the new fitness tracker doesn’t support the FitBit’s built in watchband.

Instead of using the strap, the Surge uses a Bluetooth Smart band that fits over your wrist.

The bands can be found on many fitness track the Fitbuds.

The only problem is that the Surge’s built into the band and can’t be removed.

The wearable band supports only Bluetooth Smart devices and is compatible only with the FitBuds.

That means the Surge doesn’t work with most smartwatches.

If you don’t want the Surge to work with your smartwatch and don’t use the new Band’s Bluetooth Smart functionality, you’ll have to use the wrist strap.

This makes the Surge more of a fitness track than a smartwatch.

But this will likely change over time.


The battery life on the old Fitbit was about a week.

The old Fitband has a built-ins watchband that lasts for about three weeks, and it only supports one day of activity tracking.

The updated Fitbit has two bands that can last up to 10 days of activity.


Fitbud is the only wearable smartwatch that’s compatible with Samsung.

The Samsung Gear Fitband works with the new model of Fitbit and the Fit Surge, and both bands have the same built-out smartwatch display.

But the Fit’s new display has a smaller screen and larger buttons than the old one.

It has a larger screen for the heart-rate monitor and larger screens for your fitness track.


The Gear Fit is compatible for Samsung phones and tablets.

Fit devices can be used with Samsung phones that have a built in heart rate strap.


The screen on the Gear Fit and the Surge are curved.

The curved display on the Galaxy Note 5 and Note 7 makes it easier to see what you’re looking at. 10.

The Galaxy Note 7 has a curved display.

That makes it difficult to read the notifications on your phone.


The Note 7 is also compatible with Apple’s new Siri voice assistant.


The newer Fitbit also has a touchscreen, but the curved display of the Galaxy Tab S. The Edge is the most affordable Fitbit to date.

Its display is the same, but with a more curved screen.


The top button on the Edge is much bigger.


The phone and

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