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The Matcha Bar and Drink (MBA) has had a long and storied history.

It’s the same bar that has served as a watering hole for rock bands like the Grateful Dead and The Who, and it’s where the original Rolling Stones performed their last concert in 1969.

The bar’s owners are now in the process of relocating to a new venue in the heart of San Francisco’s Financial District, and the matcha bar itself has a history that goes back decades.

But in 2016, the bar went on a life-changing tour.

It became a popular tourist attraction and became a favorite haunt for some of the most famous musicians of all time.

The tour began in September, when a new owner bought the bar and moved it to its current location on Market Street, near the BART station.

It was a big change for the bar, but the most interesting part was the atmosphere.

While the original bar had a dark and dingy feel, it was a cozy and welcoming place for people to meet.

The matcha bartender was in her mid-50s and wore an old-fashioned suit, her hair was long and dyed dark brown and she had a black cane.

The drink was called the Matcha Drink, and people could have their drink served with a matcha stick, the shape of which was a mixture of sugar, egg whites, matcha and water.

The bartender explained that the Matchas drink was made with the matchas from all around the world, and that the taste was the same as it was in Japan.

In fact, the bartender said, the matcharese from Japan was used in the drink.

The original bartender also explained that her first love was for the Beatles, and she and her family spent their weekends drinking matches.

The new owner of the bar also explained the story behind the matchabartender.

“My dad has been a matchmaker since he was young,” said the bar owner, who did not want her name used.

“He’s a real gentleman, and he always says, ‘If you drink this, you’re going to meet somebody.’

And he’s right.”

The new bartender said that after the Beatles played the first of their three concerts in the bar in 1969, she became obsessed with finding a way to bring the band to San Francisco.

She began searching for the perfect venue, and a few weeks ago, she started planning the move.

She found a hotel room at the new Marriott Marquis and decided to book it on Airbnb, a company that offers short-term rentals of rooms.

She set up a new Airbnb reservation for the weekend of the Beatles’ concert and made arrangements to take her and her friends, her sister and her daughter to the new venue.

When the Beatles arrived, the bartenders asked if they could stay.

“I was like, ‘Absolutely,'” said the new bartender.

“We were both shocked.

The Beatles were on their way to San Fran, and they were playing this show in front of all of the people.

They were like, `Oh my God!

The Beatles are here!

They’re here!’

“That night, we didn’t know how much it would be,” said another bartender. “

The first day, the crowd was over 10,000. “

That night, we didn’t know how much it would be,” said another bartender.

The first day, the crowd was over 10,000.

“It was crazy.

Everyone was in their seats,” said a third bartender.

But the crowds soon dwindled.

“The Beatles were playing the next night, and we started getting booked,” said one of the barthers.

“Then it started to dwindle, and then we couldn’t keep up,” said his sister.

The bartenders say that the band was a hit in San Francisco and across the world.

The band played for more than a dozen years, and there were some big shows during the Beatles tenure in the city.

The group’s name was a nod to San Diego, the city where the bar was located.

It is a small city in Northern California that has an average annual temperature of 86 degrees.

The Bar & Grub, a bar in the nearby city of San Jose, is famous for its signature matcha cocktail.

According to a bar manager at Bar & Grill, the band played a show at Bar&Grub in the late ’80s.

The manager said that in the early ’90s, the group made a decision to leave San Francisco because of the city’s high taxes.

The company was also forced to shut down in 1999 because of a lack of room in its new building.

The managers said that when the Beatles returned, they found the bar filled with people.

The crowd was a huge draw.

“People are not afraid to drink at Barandgrub.

They’re just like, [in the] back of the room, the fans are here,” said bartender Melissa Fong.

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