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A man named Scott Hessler is a bit of a legend.

He invented the “Internet” back in 1994.

And for the past 20 years, he’s been using it to solve problems.

Hessler, who lives in Santa Monica, California, has built a business out of his own unique way of looking at things.

Hesse is an avid golfer who’s always been interested in the game, and he uses the Internet to help him play.

“When you play golf,” he says, “you need to be in the same position as everybody else.

You’re always on your toes.

So you need to get as close as you can to the ball.”

It’s not just that golfers have more distance on their clubhead.

It’s that the ball travels more quickly in the air, and that can make it easier to hit the ball off the tee.

And Hessler believes that because golfers hit their shots off the ball, they can hit better shots on their putt.

This, Hessler says, is why the Internet and its ability to provide a “match” function is so beneficial.

When the game is on, it’s easier to find your friend on the golf course.

When it’s off, it makes it harder to find him on the tee pad.

In Hessler’s case, the matchmaking system is working.

He’s got an average of more than 400 matches in his database of over 1,000 golfers, and his matchmaking works pretty well.

“I have a pretty good idea of who I am,” Hessler told Business Insider.

“The thing is, I’m also a really good golfer.

I have a good swing, I have good feet.

But Hessler also knows that he can’t just rely on the matchmaker to help make his life easier. “

My swing is a little bit shorter than the average golfer, but my feet are so good that it’s just a matter of me being in the right position to make the shot and get the putt on the green.”

But Hessler also knows that he can’t just rely on the matchmaker to help make his life easier.

“You need a little extra,” he said.

“It takes time to build a team around you, a little more patience.”

For Hessler and other golfers like him, the Internet can help.

In a few years, Hesse expects to have a system in place that uses his expertise and knowledge of the game to help others build their own matchmaking tools.

He envisions a system that’s similar to the Matchmaker in that it’ll allow players to have the ability to “match up” with each other, and then, when a match is made, they’ll get a quick, personalized recommendation.

Hessel says that he hopes that one day he’ll be able to provide his golfers with a way to share their experiences and knowledge with each others.

“That will be a huge part of our business,” Hesse said.

And he says that the matchmakers of the future will be able help each other and their communities to make their lives easier.

“[We] are going to create a better society,” he added.

“This will bring in more revenue for the city, for the state, for everyone involved.

And we can’t do this alone.”

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