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The HTC One Max has a metal body.

It’s just not the same one that comes with a rubber back, which has been a common gripe among those who’ve been using it for months.

That’s a fair gripe, but it’s the sort of gripe that the company should be addressing.

In an interview with Wired, HTC’s Vice President of Hardware & Communications, Eric Chou, talked about the metal body on the HTC One (M8), and how that design would work for other devices, too.

“Metal body is really good,” Chou told Wired.

“It’s more of a surface.

And we’ve made the body to be more durable.

The metal body is more durable, it’s a good thing, and we have a lot of metal on the body.”

That said, HTC also said it would make a metal back for the HTC U11.

“We’re very excited about the aluminum back,” Chou said.

“There’s a lot more metal on that body.”

There’s also a reason why metal bodies are popular: They make the device feel solid and solidified.

“The metal body feels really solid, and it’s so smooth that it’s hard to imagine,” Chou explained.

“That’s why you want to have a metal chassis on a phone.”

That’s not to say that metal body won’t be available for the upcoming HTC One X and One M9.

“When you look at the metal on our next phones, you will see that the metal will be a good choice for that kind of material,” Chou added.

“But for the metal-bodied phones, it will be really hard to tell.”

HTC is also looking at the best way to use the metal, and that’s with a touch-sensitive fingerprint sensor.

HTC will be working on a “digital fingerprint sensor” to be placed on the back of the One Max’s metal chassis.

“So the fingerprint sensor can be placed anywhere on the front of the phone and will work in tandem with the fingerprint scanner on the device itself,” Chou continued.

“And that will be very useful for consumers, for businesses, for consumers to feel comfortable.”

That means that there will be no physical button on the rear of the device, and no way to unlock it with a physical button.

Chou says that the fingerprint scanning feature will be implemented in software, and will only be available on the One X, One M7, and One Max.

“As far as we’re concerned, the fingerprint will be the one that makes the difference between you having an unlocked phone and having no fingerprint sensor,” Chou clarified.

HTC’s “digital” fingerprint sensor will also be available in the One M10, which is also slated for a metal casing.

HTC has been working on its digital fingerprint scanner for the past year, but there was a lot that was left to do before it was released to the public.

“Digital fingerprint sensor is a really important technology in the future of smartphones, and so it was really important to us that it was ready for release to consumers,” Chou revealed.

“I think it was important for us to do that, because we want to make sure that the user is comfortable and comfortable with it.

And it’s going to be really important for the consumers to use that technology.”

HTC’s Digital Touch will also work with the Touch ID fingerprint sensor on the U11, and be integrated into the fingerprint reader on the smartphone’s home button.

HTC plans to release a second software update in the next couple of weeks, and Chou says it will make a “major” announcement on the future status of the digital fingerprint sensor for HTC phones later this year.

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