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With the Australian Open set to kick off in Melbourne, the tennis world has got to sit down and look at the most likely and likely-not players for next season.

While the rest of the world is looking at what’s next, the likes of Nadal and Serena Williams are locked into the same spots as the rest, so what’s the best place for a player like Serena?

Well, that’s a tough question to answer without spoiling the game, and with the Australian players already locked in to a world title, there’s no denying that Serena is in great shape.

The Australian has won five consecutive Australian Open titles, with her biggest win coming at Wimbledon this year, and has been the envy of the tennis community.

However, she has struggled in the past two years, and even in her best form she has not been able to hold her own in Melbourne.

So, what’s her next move?

The Australian is unlikely to make a move for the world title in 2018, but she might consider her options, especially in light of the recent controversy over a recent comment made by the Australian grand slam champion.

In an interview with The Australian newspaper, Williams said, “I don’t think Serena will play in the Australian Grand Slam.

I think she should retire.

I don’t see her playing for Australia in 2018.”

The comments came after Serena’s Australian Open title was not renewed due to a corruption scandal involving a former player.

The former player was fined $20 million in 2018 after it was revealed that he received more than $400,000 in gifts and travel allowances in exchange for taking part in tournaments.

Serena’s move to play at the Melbourne Olympics could be the perfect way to end her career.

In addition to the financial ramifications, the Olympics would allow her to make an important statement about what the world stands for, and whether or not she can still achieve what she achieved at the top of the game.

The biggest threat to Serena at the Olympics is the pressure of being the first woman to ever play in a major tennis tournament, but the Australian women’s coach says the Australian fans will not let her down.

“The pressure of playing in a World Championships is huge.

You have to be the best player in the world.

You don’t want to get in a hole, but I think it’s going to be a great feeling to play in Melbourne,” Australian women coach and former world number one Maria Sharapova said.”

They want to see her perform, they want to know what she can do and to see what she’s capable of.

She’s not a great player, but there’s still a lot of talent in the women’s game.””

She’s already qualified for the Olympics, so we’re talking about her at the World Championships.

She’s not a great player, but there’s still a lot of talent in the women’s game.”

Sharapova, who has been linked to a move to the US, also believes Serena could return to the Australian team.

“I think Serene is going to play for Australia, she’s not going to retire,” Sharapov said.

“I think she will still be with us, but you have to think about the Australian crowd, you have a very talented group of players, and I think Serenie will play at some level.”

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