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Barcelona and Sevilla are both preparing for the World Cup final on Sunday, and their Champions League group games are coming up, and they will face each other again on the same day.

The last time Barcelona and San Sebastian played in a friendly was in June 2016.

They are both currently competing in the Champions League for the first time since the 2006-07 season.

They won the Spanish Cup in June 2017.

“We are going to have a big game against each other on Sunday,” Barcelona manager Ernesto Valverde said.

“I can’t say that this is going to be a decisive game, but it will be decisive.”

“But it’s the only game we have played, so I am looking forward to it.”

Barcelona’s goalkeeping coach José Luis Delgado has told reporters that Sevilla’s best defence is to stop the opposition from scoring, and that Barcelona will do the same to defend their own advantage.

“They are the best goalkeepers in Europe, but we have to do something to stop their goal scoring,” Delgado said.

“That’s why we have two good goalkeepers: one of them is always in the right position and the other of them can go with us in the game.”

“They don’t know what is coming and how to stop us.

They know the ball will go in, but they don’t really know how to defend it.

That’s why it’s a very difficult game for them.”

Barça beat Sevilla 3-2 in the Copa del Rey final in November, but the Catalans will play the winner in the final on Wednesday.

They will then face Valencia, who beat them 2-0 in the Spanish Super Cup in November.

Sevilla goalkeeper Julio César was the first to arrive in Barcelona in March.

“He’s a great goalkeeper, a very good keeper, a player who I’ve always liked,” Valverdes said.

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