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The ABC’s Soccer Sunday program kicked off live from Perth with a bang.

We have been looking forward to doing it for the past year and a half because of the great opportunity this year for us.

It’s a game we’re passionate about and that’s why we are doing it.

Our aim is to get a few of the best players in the world in a game that’s really important to them.

You can’t go into this competition without having some of the top players in your country.

They are coming up from all over the world and we want to make sure that we have a really good match-day experience for the fans, our players and everyone.

We’re also hoping to make a few special changes to the format of the game, so that we can make sure the game is played on time and we don’t have to wait until late afternoon to get the match going.

To do that we’ll be having the most traditional game we’ve ever had, with only four teams on the pitch.

We’re not going to be playing a one-off game, but we’re looking forward at the opportunity to bring it back to life.

We’ll have four games on Sunday, one each at Perth Stadium, the MCG and ANZ Stadium, and one in the final round of the Champions League.

It will be a match of two halves.

We’ll be playing the second half from Friday, and we’re expecting about 30,000 fans.

This match will be played on the weekend before the finals.

We’ve always had the expectation that we could put on a really great match, and now that we’re in a position to do that, it’s great.

There will be more matches in the Champions league this season than there were in the past two seasons.

We expect the competition to go down to the wire.

There’s still a lot of room for improvement, but I’m really looking forward and optimistic.

The Socceroos will play the Netherlands at ANZ on Friday night, followed by Belgium and Portugal at the MCg on Saturday night.

We don’t want to take this opportunity to get it right, but it is something we’re really excited about.


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