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There are more tattoos for men than for women, according to the National Tattoo Association.

And when it comes to men’s and women’s tattoos, men are more likely to want to match up the colors, patterns, and designs on their bodies.

But according to research published Monday by the National Association of Tattoo Producers, men and boys are more than twice as likely to opt for match tattoos, which have a pattern or shape of a dog or cat.

But they’re also more likely than women to have a similar tattoo on their body.

The research found that men have a higher proportion of men’s match tattoos than women do.

And a third of men have match tattoos on their chests, and a third have them on their backs.

This isn’t the first time that the tattoo industry has been scrutinized over match tattoos.

In 2014, it was revealed that a large number of tattoo artists were using women’s designs on men’s bodies.

While some companies are taking action to reduce the numbers of match tattoos for women and boys, others have been hesitant to remove the trend.

The National Tattoos Association released a report in 2017 that outlined the trends in match tattoos in 2018.

The tattoo industry says that it is working to address the issues that lead to this trend.

“There are many factors that contribute to the increased number of men having match tattoos and increasing prevalence of these tattoos among women and girls,” said Jennifer K. Schulman, president of the National Tats Association.

“The tattoo industry recognizes that men and girls have different needs, and there are some things that are more common in men than in women.

In addition, it is important to consider the context of the person with the tattoo, and the type of tattoo that is being used.”

The NAPA also released a new study in 2018 that found that women are nearly four times as likely as men to have match tattooed on their chest, but that there was a slight increase in match tattoo on the back.

Women’s match tattoo trend is a concern in the medical and legal communities, and is also causing some controversy in the tattoo community.

“I don’t think it is acceptable,” said Amy Z. McLean, a tattooist and founder of The Tattoo Project, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping men with tattoos.

“It’s not only inappropriate for a man to have that type of image on his body, but it’s also disrespectful to the woman.”

McLean said that she believes that men should be able to have their own choices in the way that they want to be represented.

“They should have the ability to make the decision to have this type of ink on their face or not,” McLean told ABC News.

“That is up to them, and that is up, and they should have that right.

It’s just an image that’s created.”

Mclean, who is the president of The Tasty Tattoo Tattoo Collective, said that women who are concerned about their body image should stop using match tattoos or get the help that they need.

“As a society we have to come together and say no to this,” she said.

“Tattoos are not about a woman’s body, they are not a fashion statement, and it is about showing that we are stronger and more capable than we think.”

The National Tates Association also released an infographic detailing some of the more common tattoos for both men and men and woman.

“More than 50% of men and half of women have matched tattoos,” the group said.

This trend isn’t exclusive to the tattoo world, either.

There are many different types of tattoos that are common among both men AND women, including some that are designed specifically for women.

But McLean is also a vocal supporter of men being able to get matched tattoos.

She says that men are often the ones who are more accepting of women’s body art.

“Men should be allowed to choose,” she told ABC.

“We can be who we are and be comfortable with our bodies, but men have to accept their bodies for who they are.

We can be the guys that are out there with the hotness and not the guys who are just out there in the mud.”

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