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Macy’s has unveiled match play hoodies for men, women and kids.

The hoodies feature patterns and characters inspired by the holiday season, while the men’s hoodies are a match-colored hoodie, while children’s hoodie features the holiday tree.

The match-play hoodies come in black, blue, and red.

Macy’s says its match-players feature all-over prints, with matching socks and sweaters for the men, while matching sneakers for the women.

Macy’s is the only major department store to release match play merchandise in all-black and all-red, and the company is offering matching hoodies in black and blue.

Macy has a new Match Play collection of match play items, with matches to match, and matching shirts and hats for men and women.

The Macy’s match-player collection includes match play shoes, matching hoodie bottoms, matching sweaters, matching socks, matching accessories, and match-playing socks for men.

The matching hoods are a new collection of matching hoody patterns inspired by holiday season.

Macy says it’s releasing all-new match play accessories this year, including match play matches, matching matches and match playing socks for the new holiday season as well.

Mall of America and Home Depot are also joining Macy’s in launching Match Play apparel this year.

Malls that sell match play apparel include Macy’s, Home Depot, Nordstrom, Nordy, Kohl’s, and JCPenney.

Macy is also launching a match play line of matching sneakers in the Macy’s Classic line of shoes for men at Macy’s department stores.

Matsubishi UFJ, which sells Match Play clothing, says its new Match play collection will debut at select stores in the United States this month.

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