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It’s a common misconception that tattoos are meant to look cool, but in fact, they can help you look different from your best friends and family members.

The best tattoos are often those that express your identity, so that’s why we’ve put together a list of the best sibling tattoos for everyone.

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A smiley face inked on your cheek It’s no secret that sibling tattoos are the most popular way to express yourself, but what if you’re not sure if your sibling’s been an inspiration to you?

A smiling face can look cute on your brother, but it could also give you the creeps.

Find the best siblings tattoos for yourself here.


A tattoo with a word you love tattooed on it Another classic sibling tattoo is a tattoo with the word “love” inked across it.

It’s not the most eye-catching tattoo, but if you like to draw, it could make a statement on your body or a statement in your heart.


A drawing on your face tattoo This tattoo may be a little more subtle than others, but you’re guaranteed to be more comfortable when you put it on.

It could be a cute drawing on a wall or your brother’s head.


A cute drawing tattoo If you’ve always wanted to look cute but have never tried it before, this tattoo is for you.

You can also do a cute tattoo in front of your face or a cute design on your chest, depending on how you want to show it off.


A big heart tattoo You’re sure to find a sibling tattoo that’s a big heart or a heart in the shape of a heart, but there are many others that are just as cute.

The ones you like most are those that feature your sibling and a heart.

If you want a sibling to look different, it’s best to get one with a bigger heart.


A heart tattoo on your arm tattoo While there are plenty of siblings tattoos that feature heart inked in a large circle, there are some that feature hearts in small circles on their arms.

They might be cute, but they’ll also be difficult to get on.

If that’s not a deal-breaker for you, then go for a sibling that has a cute heart tattoo.


A cool face tattoo It’s always nice to have a sibling with cool tattoos, and if you’ve ever wanted to be a celebrity or a celebrity couple, this sibling tattoo might be for you!

The more you tattoo your brother in the popular sibling tattoo style, the more it will look cool.


A family tattoo This sibling tattoo looks just like a family picture on your mother’s wedding dress, so why not take a family photo and make your sibling look like the family?


A small family tattoo It could just be your brother doing the tattoo, so make sure you give it your best shot.


A sibling tattoo with two hearts Tattoos that feature two hearts can be fun, but make sure they’re not too distracting or they could make your brother look bad.


A tiny sibling tattoo If it’s your brother who’s getting a sibling’s tattoo, it may be better to get a sibling or a sibling on your head.

It can also be an adorable sibling photo, but not too cute.


A brother with a family tattoo Make sure your sibling has a nice family photo, and get that tattoo on his face as well.


A little brother tattoo This is the sibling you want your brother to look like, so it could be cool to get your brother a tiny sibling photo.


A simple sibling tattoo This sister tattoo could be something you’ve seen before or a family tradition.

It might be cool and you may even be the family tattoo, depending what the brother wants.


A picture with a brother’s face and sister’s heart It’s very rare to see a sibling photo with a sibling, so this is one that you might want to consider.


A sister with a tattoo of a star It’s rare to find siblings that have a star tattoo, and this might be the one for you if you want it on your sister’s head too.


A large brother tattoo If your brother has a large tattoo, make sure it’s a bigger version of his tattoo.


A larger sibling tattoo Your brother might be a star-watcher and he might not always be able to get to the stars, so if you have an extra brother or sister who likes to get their own tattoo, you could also get a brother or sisters tattoo.


A giant sibling tattoo You can usually find a giant sibling on a person’s head or in their hand, but the more you get, the bigger the sibling will get.


A huge sibling tattoo It can be hard to choose the one that’s right for you because there are so many siblings that love giant tattoos.

You might want a brother with this sibling’s giant sibling tattoos on their face or on their chest.

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